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ArticleProductivity levels are determined by the amount of time that your employees can spend on the tasks that result in positive financial or developmental gains. These tasks tend to be accomplished faster when certain deterrents are eliminated and scheduling is centralized for all participating parties.

Microsoft Exchange hosting, offered by, provides the communication and administrative tools that you as a business owner or manager require to increase productivity. Scheduling conflicts can be eliminated by making everyone's calendar available and changes, cancellations or upcoming meetings can be posted for all to see. SPAM filters are a part of the Microsoft exchange hosting package that can prevent your employees from wasting hours of valuable time reviewing emails that have little or nothing to do with the task at hand. Productivity is often lost when the parties participating in a certain project get caught up in "housecleaning" chores that can be handled elsewhere. filters all junk emails on both the client and server-side to give you back those wasted hours. Once your time and content management systems have been streamlined you can take advantage of the generous disk space that ranges from 500MB to 15,000MB per mailbox and share files with other departments or offices across the globe. Microsoft Exchange server hosting from is designed to work with Microsoft Outlook and all MS applications. It can make your company more productive and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your employees' time is being spent achieving positive goals.
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16 December 2008

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